The following terms and conditions are prescribed for use of our online store which you agree onwhile purchasing through the online shop "NINIA ON-LINE". Distribution of the brand NINIA SANJA KONJOVIĆ is company NINIA d.o.od which is responsible for business transactions throw NINIA web shop.


Ninia Sanja Konjovic guarantees the quality and originality of its products. All products are originally produced and meet the specifications listed on the site. In case of deviation from that specification or defect are committed, we provide you the product swap, and bear all the costs. The guarantee does not apply in the case of a defect made as a result of inappropriate use.

The company Tadusha doo as distributorof brand Ninia Sanja Konjović binds to replace a bought product in described situations.


All product prices are listed on the site. If there apears a gross mistake while setting theprices on the site, for example, instead of  10 000 RSD stands 100 RSD, NINIA has the right to cancel the purchase order by sending e-mail notification to the consumer.


Webshop NINIA works 24/7. In case of technical problems or routine maintenance, the website may be unavailable in a shorter period of time and you will be notified about that.

Opening hours ofour Sail Service is from 8am to 16pm, every day.


Ninia online shop give the possibility of ordering only after agreeing to the terms of sale.

Products which are to be ordered on the website Shop On-line, firstly have to be confirmed by our internet shop and  after that the transaction could be done.

If by a mistake of a programme, specific item is entered on stock but there is not in the acctual state, you will get a notice of inability for carrying out the order as soon as possible, and such transaction will not be charged.

For certain items that are out of stock there is a possibility of ordering. Tap the icon to the basket, you can send us email asking for a desired product.



On behalf of webshopNINIA ON-LINE, the privacy of our customers is under a duty of confidentiality to us.

We collect only the necessary, basic information about customers / users and such necessary data is permitted to be used  in a connection with the purpose of good business practice and in order to provide good service quality. All data about our customers are well kept and used only for the purposes of customer orders and deliveries.


On our webshop you can use the following payment methods:

1.VISA, MASTER, MAESTRO (for national and international payments)

2.By delivery (only for the purchase in the Republic of Serbia)

3. NINIA gift card (for national and international payments)



Delivery to all the parts in the world.


On the territory of Rebublic of Serbia ordered items could be delivered to all the places where the deliveryby courier services of Post Express and Daily Express is possible.


Delivery to all the places where is possible by courier services Post Export, DHL nad Daily Xpress.


From the moment you receive a confirmation of the transactionvia e-mail / sms, the goods will be sent within the next four working days, and the delivery time depends on the courier you choose on our on-line shop while placing your order.


Couriers deliver packages to consignments at the delivery address from 7am to 7pm. In the case of returning ashipment to us, our on-line shop is obliged to make a full refund minus costs of sending and returning the package, and other costs that might be charged as a result of non-taking the package.



For all the orders which count less than this amount, the price of delivery is stated on the list of courier services in the place of order. In this case, the price will be paid while delivering the shipment, directly to courier.

Price of delivery for orders which are to be sent OUT OF SERBIAare listed in the place of order form and depend on the courier you choose while ordering. Before confirming your purchase, you will be notified about its total amount delivery costs included.


For all deliveries which are to be sentout of Serbia there is a possibility of additional costs billed by the destination country customs department. The recipient must bear all additional charges for customs clearance. Therefore, please check all additional costs of your country before placing your order.




• Please check the state of your package in the presence of courier in case of any visible physical damages. In such case the package should not be received. If so, please call us emmediately on +381600703393 or send us an e-mail to with your data (name, telephone) and specification of the reason for refusing to take the package. We will notify you about further actions as soon as possible.

• After the reception and opening the package you found that the delivered goods does not fit to your order, please notify us, no later than 24 hours by Reclamation sheet (download) or call us to +381600703393, or send us an e-mail to with your data (name, telephone) and description of a problem you have. We will notify you about further actions as soon as possible. 

• If on the purchased product appear non-conformity which is under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, please proceed as defined in the Ordinance of consumer complaint for goods purchased through the online store (download). The product together with the required complaint form (download) should be mailed to the address NINIA d.o.o. Beograd, Karpoševa 77, 11030 Belgrade.

The seller is obligated to deliver you the goods as it is shown on the site of on-line shop, without damages and defects, and by the price featured on the webshop, plus the costs of delivery. Also, the product must be in corresponding sizereported in measuring scale and sizewhich the buyer determines while purchasing.

According to the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette of RS, no. 62/2014) purchase through our sales website as a sale at a distance.

The customer can withdraw from his purchase within 15 days.

It is possible to return only products that are unused and undamaged.

The buyer is obliged to return the product without delay and not later than 15 days from the day of sending a cancellation form. After the expiry of 15 days from that date, the product can no longer be returned.

If non-conformity of product occurs within six months from the reception of the shipment, the consumer has the right to choose between fallowing demands : replace the goods, make an exchangeor cancel the contract.

After we recieve that product, we shall determine whether the product is correct and undamaged. If it is neccessary, the validity can be determined through the Institute for Quality Control - CIS Institute, Belgrade.

The buyer is responsible for defects or damages of product resulting from improper handling of the product, ie. the customer is solely responsible for the reduced value of the product ocurred as a result of handling goods in a way that is not appropriate.

If we determine that a malfunction/demage has occurred as customer’s fault, it will be denied the price refundand the product will be returned to the customer on his/her accout..

In case of statutory deadline  the customer returnsan undamaged and unused product, the money is to be fully refund.

The seller may delay a refund until it receives the goods back, or a proof that the customer sent the goods to the trader.

Our on-line shopis obliged to immediately return the amount which consumer paid while purchasing no later than 15 days from receiving the confirmation of withdrawal.

The deadline for refunding and establishing the credibility of what the customer said while returning goods is 21 days from receiving the package.

In case of returns and refunding, forpayment made by card, merchant is obliged to refund only through Raiffeisen Bank or via credit card associations Visa and MasterCard. The reversal / partial reversal of the original transaction, the bank will perform onlyby the request of the seller as a refund to the account of the cardholder.


The notice of withdrawal from the purchase shall be submitted via:


using the form for complaints (download)

or verbally by phone +381600703393

For further information, please contact us at



Within the statutory period every product can be replaced by others,but onlyif it is not damaged nor used and the cost of returning the product is onbuyer’s account. The buyer may or may not state the reasons ofexchange.

Replacement must be made within the statutory period of 14 days from receiving thepackage.

In case of any deviation or defect made by us, we agree to replace you the product forthe correct one and on NINIA  account. The guarantee does not apply in the event of a defect arising as a result of inappropriate use of a buyer.

In case of replacementfor another size, the seller is obligated to make a replacement if the product exists on the stock. If you purchase a product which does not havethe replacement on stock, the seller is obliged to replace for another product bycustomer's wish, with the possibility ofrefunding the payment or returning the difference in price. In case of lack of options for replacing the goods, the seller  is obliged to return the money to the buyer, and the costs of returning are on the buyer’s account.

For accepted complaints, the seller NINIA  bears all the transportation costs.